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Work at Home Business – Opportunities For Seniors Thrive

The market for Seniors is small in the regular job market. It seems that employers are want to hire young employees with the idea that they will be around for years and are cheaper.  It usually works out that by the time they train them, they move on to another job at higher pay. Where Seniors can excel is in work at home markets. Age is not a factor in work at home businesses. Production and quality […]

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Step 1: How to Find Your Niche Market – Starting Out

Niches are something special.

Finding Your Niche Market What is a niche? Understanding what a niche is will help in finding your niche market. Niche may be a new word for you, but it is just a word to describe a small segment within a larger context. It is like the image of a stack of firewood with a small part for flowers. I will answer the question, “How to find your niche market”, in great detail. Finding your own niche […]

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Types of Work at Home Jobs

There are many options for someone wanting to work at home. The many types of work at home jobs means there is something for everyone. A person must first define what type of work at home job they want to find. This will make finding a work at home job easier. Sales jobs are one of the biggest work at home options. There are direct sales jobs where a person maintains an inventory and sells the items. […]

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Work at Home – a Home Business Vs. a Work at Home Job

The at-home work force is increasing exponentially every year. As more and more people begin working from home, the lines and definitions between jobs and a business are beginning to get blurred. But, there is a difference between a home business and a work-at-home job. Keep reading for a clear outline of these basic distinctions. Basically, a home based business is any business where the primary office is located in someone’s home – usually the owner’s. In […]

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